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REACH have been involved in the process empowerment of rural poor since1992. Since the beginning REACH has been working with the rural communities, who are dependent on natural resources. It started its activities in Kumaranahalli cluster of villages in Harapanahalli Taluka District Davanagere by organizing the landless laborers through Krishi Karmikar Sangha (KKS) and women through Self-Help Groups (SHGs). 

REACH has working mainly with the Target Groups Families –landless, small and, marginal farmers with priority to women and Dalits. REACH is currently working in six taluka of three districts in Karnataka covering 90 villages of 24 Gram Panchayats and enabled 48,000 rural families and reached 1,28,000 rural population, among them 60% are women, 30% are children and 10% landless labourers.


Plan and implement or join hands with government, donors, non government and other such bodies for implementing, development projects /program that operational our vision to awaken, organize, and strengthen the target families / communities with total capacities to manage their own development with ecologically sustainable development as a central theme of the development process.


For the first time in Karnataka, REACH introduced and succeeded in natural regeneration of forest through “Social fencing” (banning grazing, putting fire lines, stopping mining, preventing cutting trees, seed-dribbling and soil and water conservation measures). It has done a remarkable progress in ensuring the community right over Non- Timber Forest Produces (NTFPs). Later on, REACH has extended its activities to community health and education, children and women rights, empowerment of rural poor on Food Security Schemes especially Public Distribution System (PDS) and employment under NREGA, women property rights and empowerment of Gram Sabhas and strengthening PRIs.


Fostering a society wherein women are empowered enough to lead decent life, all children are healthy, happier and enjoy their childhood rights, especially with right to education and creating sustainable and humane society wherein all living being have access to resources and manage their livelihood.



- To enable the rural communities particularly the weaker section to design and implement program so as to achieve sustainable development

- To create awareness against exploitative nature of existing social order and to work towards an alternative society with social justice and human dignity. 

- To promote, guide,undertake, maintain and co-ordinate projects and program at community level to make them socially and environmentally aware and active for their development and self-governance.

Following are the intervention of REACH to strengthen the rural poor communities-

a) Organizing rural poor landless women through Self Help Groups (SHGs)and Krishi Karmikar Sangha (KKS);

b) Community involvement in management of local forest and common land through Village Forest Committees (VFCs) under JFPM Program;

c) Organizing women and children’s against trafficking /migration and to prevent violation against women and protection of women property rights through Action Committees;

d) Empowerment of beneficiaries for Food Security Schemes- Public Distribution System (PDS) and Employment under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) through Social Audit;

e) Empowerment of the rural poor through Community Learning Movement(CLM);

f) Capacity Building Training Program to Peoples Representatives under Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) for Empowerment of Gram Sabhas and strengthening PRIs and

g) Protection of Children’s Rights and eradiation of bonded labour, child labour system and drop-outs;

h) People Empowerment Access Rights To Livelihood.



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